CROSSLITE Beauty case

SKU: 31-414858-01


Rv Roncato introduces a new generation of products in the name of sustainability. The Crosslite collection is the result of a constant research into the eco-friendly area and the desire to give our support to the environment.

All RV Roncato products are designed in Italy and subject to strict quality controls. They are manufactured to meet the needs of travellers, holidaymakers and those who travel for business or leisure.
Valigeria Roncato’s mission is to tailor its products to the needs of its customers and to consumers looking for refined and cutting-edge designer articles. Every Rv Roncato product is a perfect combination of sophisticated design and quality that will never disappoint.


600d nylon/polyester


cm 27 x 26 x 19
inch. 10.75 x 10.25 x 7.75

* Measurements of volume, dimensions and weight are carried out in the Valigeria Roncato laboratories using procedures whereby tolerances up to 5% can not be excluded.

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