Energy rectangular white crossbody bag

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If you love the 80's, music and fashion, this white rectangular Energy shoulder bag by Anekke Fun & Music is going to charm you!

This rectangular shaped shoulder bag is large in size and is divided into 3 interior compartments, all with zipper closure. Inspired by fashion and music from the 80's and influenced by color therapy, this black and white bag will transmit you the power of blank canvases: a world of possibilities for you to paint whatever you want. Be the energy you wish to attract!

The inside of the bag is lined and has pockets. It also has a pocket on the back. To hang it has an adjustable shoulder strap at different lengths, perfect for any height.

Its black and white design contrasts with the details in red and metal tones, with metallic logo with textures, decorative pin, black studs, prints and embroidery or the original Towanda mother-of-pearl key ring. A perfect bag for those in love with the 80's, trends, music and the power of colors.

  • Closure type: Zip
  • Pockets: 3 compartments, 1 rear pocket, int . 1 MOBIL AND 1 CREM.
  • Type of ASA: Bandolera
  • Measurements (Long X High X Width): 25cm / 19cm / 6cm
  • Interior composition: 100% polyester
  • Exterior composition: 100% PU
  • Weight: 0,55 kg / 1,213 lbs

SKU: 34823-188


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