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The Fiberlight collection comes from an innovative and original material called FIBERTECH, composed of 3 layers: the first inner layer in polypropylene resin, then a polypropylene fabric and finally an outer layer of transparent scratch-resistant glossy fi lm, all fused together to obtain a product that is extremely resistant to impact and abrasion and lightweight at the same time. Thanks to the practically hermetic shell and the security zip treated with a special oil, the product is water resistant. Furthermore, polypropylene is considered an eco-friendly material because it can be 100% recycled. The Fiberlight collection has an integrated triple combination TSA system, four double wheels for perfect stability in movement and excellent manoeuvrability, an inner lining that can be removed and washed, and elastics and multiple pockets for better internal organization and comfort. An important feature of the line is its expandability up to 5 cm, allowing for 20% more internal volume. The main zip is called SECURITY ZIP for its anti-tampering feature and is 10 times more resistant than a common zip.

  • Fixed TSA LOCK with Triple Combination
  • Expandable system to increase Baggage capacity
  • Internal Organization
  • 4 swivel wheels for better stability
  • 10 times stronger than regular zippers. Tamper, pressure and moisture proof

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