Magic Souls convertible crossbody bag into rucksack

SKU: 22-645172-99

This magic souls convertible crossbody bag into a magic souls rucksack is part of the Anekke Menire collection, a tribute to the indigenous women's collectives of the Amazon, who struggle to preserve their environment and traditions.

The Magic Souls capsule represents the spiritual and artisanal union of the women of the Amazon, who find in the processes of artisanal creation a magical connection. Discover all its details!

This shoulder bag is large in size The front of this bag combines a brown base with stitching and embroidery in different colors: orange, pink, yellow, yellow, aquamarine and navy blue. These embroidered phrases have phrases or representative words that read in mirror mode. These embroidered phrases have representative phrases or words that are read in mirror mode, discover them!

The sides and backs combine a jacquard fabric printed with motifs inspired by Amazonian handicrafts, in toasted and ecru tones. The back has original decorative patches inspired by the Kene: handcrafted motifs made by some indigenous groups of the Amazon. These shapes are used to give shape to the 3 main letters of Anekke.

The bag has one shoulder strap, which when stretched out becomes a backpack. This allows you to use it in these two positions. The interior is lined with an original fabric printed with motifs from the collection, and has pockets.

The final touch is the details, which make it unique. Some of them arethe logo in white tone, pins, zigzag embroidery, and personalized handles. All finished in a handcrafted style. It also features the collection's key ring, which adds the finishing touch to a perfect accessory.

  • Closure type: Cremallera
  • Pockets: 1 Bolsillo Del. 2 Tras. Int. 1 Movil Y1 Cremallera
  • Type of handle: 2 Asas De Hombro Convertible Mochila
  • Measurements (Length x High x Width): 30/33/13cm
  • Interior composition: 100% Polyester
  • Exterior composition: 76% PU/7% COTTON/17% POLYESTER
  • Weight: 0,75kg / 1,65345 lbs

SKU: 36645-172

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