Mediterranean Convertible bag to backpack Hobo

SKU: 22-705172-33


It has it all to make you fall in love: a design inspired by Anekke's journey through the Mediterranean, a statement that invites you to enjoy every moment of life, a one of a kind design and, to top it off, it's 2 bags in one. So what more could you ask for from this Anekke Mediterranean Convertible Hobo Bag to Backpack?
First of all, this beautiful shoulder bag is characterized by the fact that you can also use it as a backpack. When you stretch the handle, it turns into two backpack handles, making it perfect for off-road women, travelers and lovers of practical bags. This one opens at the top with a zipper, has one pocket on the front and two more on the back.
The design of the bag combines the front combined in beige print, combining a nice embossed effect, with a smooth iridescent gold that will transport you to the sand of the sea shining under the sun. Its pocket has the collection's print, which matches the back in soft gold, print and brown pocket.
And of course, the detailing is what truly sets this bag apart! It has a metallic logo, nacre appliqués, embroidery, personalized handles and the collection's precious pendant. Can you already smell the scent of the Mediterranean sea? Grab it now, and carry a little bit of its essence with you at all times!

  • Closure type: Zipper
  • Pockets: 1 pocket. 2 after. INT. 1 MOBIL Y1 ZIPLE
  • Type of ASA: 2 Shoulder handles Convertible backpack
  • measurements (long x high x width): 30cm / 33cm / 13cm
  • Interior composition: 100% polyester
  • Exterior composition: 100% pu
  • Weight: 0,95 kg / 2,094 lbs


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