Menire 2 in 1 messenger and wallet bag

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This menire 2 in 1 messenger and wallet bag is part of the Anekke Menire collection, a tribute to the indigenous women's collectives of the Amazon, who fight to preserve their environment and traditions. The word menire" is the term by which the women of the Xikrin tribe refer to the native women of the Amazon. And now, part of their story will always go with you with your new favorite bag. " Your new favorite accessory!

This shoulder baghas 2 independent compartments,is medium-small size The front print of the Anekke Menire collection is full of symbolism and references to the culture of the women of the Amazon. Anekke is depicted with embroidered details on her hair and clothing.

The print combines brown, reddish, ochre and blue tones, in which various cultural elements of the Amazon are represented. The Amazon River rises from Anekke's hands, leaving in its wake the values of the Amazonian women: warriors, brave, family... Discover them all!

The back is in a plain color The handle is an adjustable shoulder strap at different lengths, perfect to adapt it to the height you prefer.

The final touch is the details, which make it unique. Some of them arepersonalized metallic logo, pins, embroidery and personalized handles.

  • Closure type: Boquilla Y Cremallera
  • Pockets: Int. Tarjeteros
  • Type of handle: Bandolera
  • Measurements (Length x High x Width): 11/19/5cm
  • Interior composition: 20%PU/80%Polyester
  • Exterior composition: 100% PU
  • Weight: 0,35kg / 0,77161 lbs

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