Nature Colors red shoulder bag with pockets

SKU: 22-873221-99


There are more than 100 colors in every person, more than 100 ways to tell the world who you are, and this Nature Colors red shoulder bag with pockets by Anekke Fun & Music is going to do the talking for you.

Anekke's large size red shoulder bag is part of Anekke's capsule of bags and accessories, made with 80% recycled material and 100% love for the Planet. The material is obtained by recycling plastic caps, and the Anekke Nature collection has the Control Union Certifications B.V. seal that guarantees that the product is recycled and ecofriendly.

It is a large model with a large interior capacity. The red design contrasts with the multicolored fruit print and touches of black, which give it a cheerful touch inspired by the trends of the 80s. It has an inner lining and pockets, as well as pockets on the back, front and sides.

To carry it, it has an adjustable shoulder strap with different lengths, and let's not forget the details! Metal logo, decorative patches and trims, personalized strap... endless little details that will make you dance with the power of colors. Get yours now!

  • Closure type: Zip
  • Pockets: 2 side pockets, 1 front, 1 After. INT. 1 MOBIL AND 1 CREM.
  • Type of ASA: Bandolera
  • Measurements (Long X High X Width): 32cm / 26cm / 11cm
  • Interior composition: 100% polyester
  • Exterior composition: 40% Polyester 40% PU 20% nylon
  • Weight: 0,75 kg / 1,653 lbs


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