Nature Pachamama convertible golden bag into a rucksack

SKU: 22-785063-99

This nature pachamama convertible golden bag into a rucksack is part of the Anekke Nature Pachamama collection, Anekke's new capsule of eco-friendly bags and accessories.

The accessories in this collection have been made with 80% recycled materials, which come from plastic caps. The collection has the Control Union Certifications B.V. seal, which guarantees that it is a recycled and ecofriendly product.

This collection is inspired by and named after the goddess that represents nature for the indigenous tribes of the Amazon: Pachamama. This collection gathers the essence of the most alive and wild nature so that a little piece always goes with you. you will love it!

It is a gold-colored modelthat combines in its design an original multicolor print inspired by elements of nature and butterflies. It has printed parts combined with die-cut fabric and plain fabric, mixed with inspirational printed phrases and other details.

It is a backpack Large size with back pocket. The material has a soft rigidity that maintains the shape of the bag, creating an elegant and comfortable piece. The bag has one shoulder strap, which when stretched out becomes a backpack. This allows you to use it in these two positions. The interior is lined with an original fabric printed with motifs from the collection, and features pockets.

The final touch is the details. It has some likemetal logo with a touch of color, pins, embossed phrases, Towanda keychain with touch of color, message patch and personalized handles.

Don't think twice! Add your favorite Anekke Nature Pachamama to your cart now, and take care of the Planet with your new bag!

  • Closure type: Cremallera
  • Pockets: 1 Bolsillo Del. 2 Tras. Int. 1 Movil Y1 Cremallera
  • Type of handle: Convertible Mochila
  • Measurements (Length x High x Width): 30/32/5cm
  • Interior composition: 100% Polyester
  • Exterior composition: 100% PU
  • Weight: 0,7kg / 1,54322 lbs


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