Shōen Padded shoulder bag

SKU: 32-733248-99


The art is wherever you are, take it with you wherever you go with your new Shōen Padded messenger bag!

This large messenger bag has a large interior capacity, lining and pockets, as well as a front and back pocket. The handle is adjustable, so you can always adjust it to the length you prefer.

The Padded line is part of the Anekke Shōen collection. This collection is a tribute to the Japanese painter Uemura Shōen, considered the mother of Japanese women artists.

This line is characterised by its volumes and quilted effect, achieved by embroidery in metallic tones on an original print inspired by the painting.

And as always, the details are the finishing touch. Metallic touches, handles, patches and pins personalised to the theme, inspirational phrases... A whole world of nods to the world of art that will remind you every day that "painting in silence is poetry", now made into a bag. 

  • Closure type: Zipper
  • Pockets: 1 pocket of 1 tra. Int. 1 Mobile 1 Zipper
  • Handle type: Shoulder strap
  • Measurements (L x H x W): A-33 / B-25/27/13cm
  • Interior composition: 100% Polyester
  • Outer composition: 100% PU
  • Weight: 0,575kg

SKU: 37733-248


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