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The best Roncato ever!

The We Are collection represents the strong identity Rv Roncato that shows itself in the design and production of innovative and original travel items. Roncato’s identity has been built on decades of made in italy products known throughout the world. After many years of research and development, Valigeria Roncato has succeeded in developing this product, THE LIGHTEST AND STRONGEST Roncato has ever invented, with a revolutionary design. The material used to make the We Are collection is a unique combination of several materials coupled together with a base component in polypropylene. This combination has never been created before, the formula was studied and tested in the company’s laboratories, aimed at obtaining the lightest and strongest Roncato suitcase.

  • Super Strong and Super Light Luggage Made in Italy
  • Fixed TSA LOCK with Triple Combination
  • Service Handles and Address Tag Made in Italian Cow Leather
  • High Tech Security Zip Tampering Proof
  • Internal Organization with integrate pocket
  • Ultra-slim logo made in Polyester and mirror chromium plating
  • Silent and multi directional wheels

100% Polypropylene and details in genuine leather

cm. 70 x 49 x 28
inch. 27.5 x 19.25 x 11


L 90


kg 2.7
Lbs 5.9

* Measurements of volume, dimensions and weight are carried out in the Valigeria Roncato laboratories using procedures whereby tolerances up to 5% can not be excluded.

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