Contemporary 3 compartment backpack

SKU: 32-805044-99


If you too feel like you were born to create, this 3 compartment backpack from Anekke Contemporary is going to be your new favourite.


It features 3 separate pockets, plus a back and front pocket, inner lining and adjustable handles.

Anekke Contemporary is a collection inspired by a journey through Japan through contemporary art. Its prints recreate Japanese lights, architecture, culture and iconography, brought to life through abstract shapes and artistic interpretations. Each bag is a little piece of this country, seen from a unique point of view: that of art.

The details are the final touch to transport you on a unique journey through Japan, with hundreds of personalised decorative elements, such as the handles, pins, logo and back patches, inspired by Japanese art and culture. It also comes with the collection's key ring.

Are you ready to make a unique journey with Anekke like you never dreamed of? Get your artistic side ready, here we come, Japan!

  • Closure type: Zipper
  • Pockets: 2 CREM GLOVERS. 1 rear int. 1 mobile and 1 zipper
  • Handle type: Backpack
  • Measurements (L x H x W): 24/30/12cm
  • Interior composition: 100% Polyester
  • Outer composition: 80% PU / 20% Polyester
  • Weight: 0,65kg

SKU: 37805-044

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